Interiors Draped in Emerald Green; A New Look For Botanica Kitchen & Gin Bar

Botanica Kitchen & Gin Bar is one of the newest restaurant to open in Nairobi Kenya. Previously known as Honey & Dough, this establishment choose to rebrand itself completely, switch up its entire menu and change up the key color schemes in its’ interior design.

We can all agree that this gourmet café had one of the most pleasing aesthetics. From it’s color schemes down to their choice of furniture, not much has changed as the brand chose to ‘up-cycle’ its interior décor as the fundamental features of décor remain the same.

Honey & Dough Interior Space

Prior to rebranding, Honey & Dough dusted in Blush Pink. Ironically, this establishment came up in the the era of what is known as ‘Millennium Pink’. Stepping away from traditional color schemes, this emerging theme is said to be an effect of post-industrial design fatigue or simple a social-media ripple effect of interior aesthetics.

Botanica – Revamped in a Stunning Emerald Green

Associated with the precious emerald gemstones, the deep interiors are perfectly lined with emerald green which have a long history associated with wealth, loyalty and prestige. Afterall, it is located in the upper class of Nairobi.

Remember that in the Emerald City in the classic 1900 Book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum, everyone wearing emerald green colored glasses in that city was discovered to be a fraud. So be weary, as they say, ‘As beautiful and bold as the interiors are, the food is what always brings people back.’

In interior design, a splash of emerald green can energize and add a feeling of calmness and peace to a room. After all, green is represents nature and from the sight of this restaurant, it does indeed have a calming present.

  • A lengthy seating banquette upholstered in emerald velvet winds its way around the centre of the room to create some sort of division in the sitting area.
  • Widly spread bamboo thatched sitting pods sparingly placed to create isolated sitting areas.
  • Cane seats spread across the entire set up to tone down the emerald green.

Botanica’s Outstanding Décor Seats

Commonly known as the Cane Chair, this furniture piece was largely inspired by the French designer Pierre Jeanneret. Some of his famous duo went on to create some of the most esteemed icons of midcentury modernism, including the Villa Savoye in Poissy, France, and the Grand Modele seating collection. His work has inspired designers across the globe to create similar pieces.

Overall, Botanica has inspired a pure incorporation of boho styled interior with the bold shades of emerald green and it is a very well thought out interior space.

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